Our 4" Diesel Pumps will push 1000GPM.

Our 6" Diesel Pumps will push 3000GPM.

Low Hours paired with our exceptional service leads to less down time for our customers.

Flare & Panic Line packages available and can build as needed.

​Our OBM pumps whether Electric or Diesel hook directly into the manifolds on your frac tanks; making it easy to roll the tanks or transfer to the rig.

Our 6" electric floating Pump will Push 1000GPM. Paired with a manifold, this pump will get water wherever you need it.

Our 2' poly containment provides ultimate spill protection for all your needs. Meets BLM standards. We can Lay and build any size needed.

Light and Visibility is a safety concern for everyone. With our 8 Kw Light towers you can light your location with ease.

Our Premix Tanks are 400 Barrels with 3 Discharge ports from the pumps (Hopper, Gun Lines, and to the rig. 

​​​Rental Equipment

  •  Flare & Panic Line (Includes Ignitor)
  •  Pipe Racks
  • Motor/Sub Racks
  •  Junk/Hose Backets
  • Portable Fuel Cells
  • 8Kw Light Towers
  • 1000GPM Floating Pumps
  •  4" & 6" Diesel Pumps
  • Diesel & Electric OBM Pumps
  • Power Washers
  • Poly Containment

Other Services Offered

  • Roustabout
  • Hot Shot
  • Poly Fusing
  • Shop Welding & Fabrication
  • Pump Repair/Replacement
  • Dirt Containments